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Provable dynamic auditing in mobile cloud computing for secure storage of ehealth data

The recent developments in mobile applications have met every need of the user. In spite of increasing usage, the smart mobile system face restrictions like resource scarcity, mobility and frequent disconnections. The emerging Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) infrastructure exploits the services of Cloud Service Providers (CSP) by gathering the local data storage and computation to remote servers and thereby relieving the overhead incurred by mobile clients. There is a wide range of applications in MCC like m-Learning, m-Healthcare, etc. Though the restrictions are relaxed, the clients no longer have control over the privacy of outsourced data. A safe and secure remote access to highly sensitive private data like e-Health records has received the focus of research. It needs to ensure the integrity of outsourced health data along with its privacy preserved. The resource constrained mobile devices act as a thin client for the cloud server access and hence the computation for ensuring the proof of correctness for secure data storage proposed by existing solutions becomes an overhead. The proposed Provable Dynamic Data Auditing Protocol (PD-DAP) involves a trusted Third Party Auditor (TPA) who is in charge of blockless verification of data without retrieving the private health data. The usage of bilinear pairing and Merkle Hash Trees guarantees blockless verification by TPA. Also the proposed PD-DAP supports secure dynamic operations by the mobile user with the help of TPA. Hence, it saves the mobile user’s computational resource, thereby achieving cost-effectiveness to gain trust in the Cloud Storage Server (CSS).

Author(s): Suguna M, Mercy Shalinie S
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