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Protective effects of a natural substance from chicken gizzard as a novel application for the treatment of renal calculi: A randomized pilot study

Background: In recent decades, multiple treatment strategies have been developed for the treatment of renal calculi. However, these are less convincing and cause side effects of the kidney.

Objectives: The main objective of this research is to study the use of a novel drug subtracted from chicken gizzard for treatment of renal calculi.

Methods: Twenty-three patients diagnosed with kidney stones by ultrasonography and radiography. All patients had the stone size of more than 5.0 mm and age>18 y old and these patients were randomly assigned by nephrology and urology specialists to one month treatment program with capsules (500 mg) filled by a substance of chicken gizzard (four capsules, 3 times daily within 24 h during one month).

Results: In general, 49 stones belonging to the 23 patients were used by chicken gizzard substance for treatment of nephrolithiasis. The mean of the stone size after treatment for 15 and 30 d groups were 6.2 ± 3.2 mm (P=0.001) and 5.6 ± 2.9 mm (P=0.006), respectively. As well as there were significant differences between groups. In 15 d group on 44 stones, 73% of stones were decreased and there was no seen exchange of their sizes in 20% of all stones, as well as 7% were excreted. In addition, only 18 remaining stones after 30 d with 84% of stones were reduced  and 11% were excreted.

Conclusion: We found that chicken gizzard substance might be used to be safe for the treatment of nephrolithiasis in clinical settings and indicates that its administration can be reduced and prevented the growth of kidney stones. Therefore, chicken gizzard substance was helpful to prevent the primary stages of stone development.

Author(s): Behzad Einollahi, Alireza Ghadian, Yunes Panahi, Mehrdad Ebrahimi, Mahdi Vazirian, Amirhossein Maghari
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