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Preventive activities of Lactobacillus plantarum YS4 in oxazolone-induced BALB/c mice colitis

The colitis preventive effects of Lactobacillus plantarum YS4 (LP-YS4) were determined by in vitro animal experiment in this study. The BALB/c mice were induced colitis by oxazolone, after inducing colitis, the preventive activities of LP-YS4 were measured using the serum and colon tissue. LP-YS4 (1.83) could significantly reduce (P<0.05) DAI of colitis in mice (3.47) at 25th day, inhibited colitis caused colon shortening and increase ratio of colon weight/length. LP-YS4 also could significantly decrease (p<0.05) the MPO, NO, MDA levels and increase GSH level of colon tissue in mice. Meanwhile, LP-YS4 significantly increased (P<0.05) IL-2 cytokine level and decrease IL-10 level in serum of mice compare to those levels of mice in control group. By RT-PCR assay, LP-YS4 raised nNOS, eNOS, c-Kit, SCF mRNA expressions and reduced iNOS, IL-8, CXCR2 expressions in colon tissue of mice compare to those expressions of mice in control group. From these results, LP-YS4 showed a anti-colitis effect of experimental mice.

Author(s): Yu Qian, Ruokun Yi, Peng Sun, Guijie Li, Xin Zhao
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