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Prevalence of Coronary Atherosclerosis in Different Age Groups: A Postmortem Study.

The coronary atherosclerosis is one of common disease in elderly people. Now it is growing fast in young persons in developing countries. So this study was carried out to evaluate the coronary atherosclerosis in young verses older age group. The coronary arteries were procured from autopsied heart and luminal narrowing was observed after histopathology. The total 50 hearts were taken for study in which 36 (83.72%) were male and 4 (57.14%) female were noted with atherosclerosis. 18 (85.71%) male and 1(50%) female were affected with atherosclerosis in 30-40 years age group. In 41-50 years of age group, there were 13 males and 4 females, in which 10(76.92%) male and 2(50%) female were observed with atheromatous lesions. In 51-60 years of age group, atheromatous lesions were present in 8 (88.88%) male and 1(100%) female. The persons aged from 30 to 60 have almost equal prevalence of coronary atherosclerosis. We can conclude that younger age group is also highly prone for coronary heart disease.

Author(s): Sanjeet Kumar, Anoop Kumar Verma , Navneet Kumar, Rakesh Kumar Verma
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