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Preprocessing and signal processing techniques on genomic data sequences

The demand for genomic signal processing is growing drastically due to the importance of human genetics and allied sciences. This paper exemplify the genomic signal processing through handling gene data sequence from gene data bank, converting them in to sequences, transforming them in to frequency domain, spectrogram visualization and analysis in detail. The frequency domain conversion from the time domain gene sequence is carried out using Goertzel algorithm instead of conventional fast Fourier transform (FFT). This algorithm requires only few resources as compared to the conventional FFT method. The spectrogram of the patients who are affected with Ebola virus is also plotted for further analysis. This would produce the power spectrum (y-axis) versus the time (x-axis) results. All simulation results are obtained using Matlab and Simulink software tools.

Author(s): Muhammaed Talha Naseem, KR Aravind Britto, Mustafa Musa Jaber, M Chandrasekar, VS Balaji, G Rajkumar, K Narasimhan, V Elamaran
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