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Preoperative levels of inflammatory biomarkers in patients with bilateral inferior turbinate hypertrophy

Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate preoperative inflammatory biomarkers in patients who underwent surgical treatment with the indication of bilateral inferior turbinate hypertrophy.

Materials and Methods: Eighty patients who applied to our otorhinolaryngology clinic with complaints of chronic nasal obstruction and 79 clinically healthy individuals were included in the study. This was a retrospective study. Evaluation was performed on the patient records. Hemogram values of 80 patients were compared with 79 clinically healthy individuals. Both groups were compared with respect to WBC (White Blood Cell), L (Lymphocyte), N (Neutrophil), PLT (Platelet), M (Monocyte) counts, N/L (Neutrophil/Lymphocyte ratio), PLT/L (Platelet/Lymphocyte ratio), M/L (Monocyte/Lymphocyte ratio), M/WBC (Monocyte/leucocyte ratio), and N/WBC (Neutrophil/leucocyte ratio). P<0.05 was accepted as the level of statistical significance.

Results: In intergroup evaluation, a statistically significant difference was not found between groups as for WBC, N, and PLT counts. However two groups were statistically significantly different regarding L, and M values (p=0.026, p=0.000, and p<0.05, respectively). Besides a statistically significant difference was not found between two groups as for N/L, PLT/L, and N/WBC ratios. However a statistically significant difference was observed between both groups regarding M/L, and M/WBC ratios (p=0.000, p=0.000, and p<0.05, respectively).

Conclusion: Easily calculated M/L, and M/WBC ratios with low cost can be used as auxiliary parameters in the evaluation of patients with inferior turbinate hypertrophy.

Author(s): Akif Gunes, Mehmet Fatih Karakus, Nurcan Akbas Gunes, Murad Mutlu
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