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Potential risk factor of pre-eclampsia among healthy Chinese women: a retrospective case control study

Objective: To identify predictive factors which helps in screening the healthy Chinese pregnant women who were at high risk of developing Pre-Eclampsia (PE).

Materials and methods: We have reviewed the medical records of healthy Chinese pregnant women with single gestation and had given birth to baby at department Ggynecology and obstetrics, Wuhan Medical & HealthCare Center for Women and Children (Wuhan Children’s Hospital Wuhan Women and Children Care Hospital) , china between January 2006 and July 2015.We reviewed the medical records of each healthy pregnant woman who were diagnosed pre-eclamptic before labor pain (case), and not diagnosed pre-eclamptic (control), and data were analysed using univariate analysis.

Result: Medical records of 32, 000 pregnant women who were admitted during January 2006 to July 2015 in our hospital were studied. Of total cases, 853 (3%) had PE. Abnormal perinatal outcome was significantly higher in women with PE compared to control women; this indicates that the PE is responsible for adverse maternal and foetal outcome. Incidence of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), urinary infection was meaningfully greater among women with PE than women with no PE. Family history of diabetes and hypertension was significantly higher in women with PE when compared with control group. We also observed that the stress score was significantly higher in women with PE than control.

Conclusion: We suggest GDM, family history of DM/high blood pressure; urinary tract infection, fibroids and psychological stress during pregnancy are key predictors of PE among Chinese pregnant women. These prognostic factors help in screening the pregnant women who were at high risk of developing PE.

Author(s): Yang Yi, Yang Jing, Zhong Gang, Xu Weiwei
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