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Potential risk factor of Graves' orbitopathy among Chinese patients: A clinical investigation

Objective: To identify predictive factors that can be used in screening the healthy subjects who are at high risk of developing Graves' orbitopathy.

Materials and Methods: We have reviewed the medical records of healthy Chinese subjects with Graves’ disease visited at Department of Ophthalmology, Wuxi Second People's Hospital, Jiangsu, China between March 2005 to March 2015. We used computerized database of Wuxi Second People's Hospital to collect medical records of Chinese subjects with and without Graves' orbitopathy to identify the potential risk factor of Graves' orbitopathy, and data were analyzed by univariate analysis.

Result: Medical records of 2,500 patients with Graves’ disease who had visited during March-2005 to March 2015. Of 2,500 patients, 1500 (60%) patients had Graves' orbitopathy, and 1,000 (40%) patients had no Graves' orbitopathy. Incidence of Graves' orbitopathy was significantly higher in patients who were smoker than non-smoker. We also observed that the stress was significantly higher in patients with Graves' orbitopathy than the patients without Graves' orbitopathy. Family history of thyroid disease was significantly higher in patients of Graves' orbitopathy group when compared to patients without Graves' orbitopathy. The level of thyroxin (free form), triiodothyronine (free form), thyroid stimulating hormones receptor antibodies, and antiperoxidase antibodies were significantly higher among patients of Graves' orbitopathy when compared to the patients with Graves' diseases without orbitopathy.

Conclusion: We suggest alternation thyroid hormones (thyroxin (free form) and triiodothyronine (free form) and thyroid antibodies (thyroid stimulating hormones receptor antibodies and antiperoxidase antibodies) are important predictors of Graves' orbitopathy among Chinese subjects.

Author(s): Yuan-Ting Zhou, Guo-Qin Ren, Fu-Ping Wu, Jia Jiang, Ying-Hua Yang
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