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Plasminogen: a potential target gene for dietary supplements and biomarker of the early stage of obesity by fatigue mice

Background: The Early Stage of Obesity by Fatigue (ESOF) is a serious sub-health issue due to the social burden and a leading cause of other diseases even death. Accordingly, a broad range of dietary supplements have been researched and applied in an effort to treat ESOF. However, only a small number of dietary supplements have been specifically applied for gene diagnosis and the targeted gene therapy for early treatment of obesity by fatigue.

Materials and Methods: In order to search the target genes for the examination in this research, GSE 038921 was downloaded from the public database, Gene Expression Omnibus, including all three samples of test and control groups. Analysis was carried out using R software packages, protein-protein interaction network, Kyoto Encyclopaedia of Genes and Genomes pathway and Gene ontology enrichment. It yielded a total of six key genes caused by limited sleep. The result was tested and verified by other data: GSE 65557 and GSE 34959.

Results: Finally, one gene and one key pathway were identified: Plg; complement and coagulation cascades.

Conclusions: This study suggested target gene and biological marker for treatments of ESOF by dietary supplements, providing a new perspective on the pathological process of the early phrase of ESOF.

Author(s): Li Zheng
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