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Pig behavior research and its application in breeding-landrace pigs as an example

Social demand for Landrace pigs continues to grow, and the existing farming methods cannot meet the commercialization of Landrace pigs at present. Therefore, the existing methods of culture were observed by using behavioral characteristics of Landrace pigs, in this paper. And the circle as well as large-scale breeding was conducted. Pure Landrace pigs in selected farm were monitored for 24 h without interruption. The test results are as follows: most of the behavior of the Landrace pigs can be expressed but a small part of the nature and habits can’t be expressed in the circle of feeding mode. It can keep the purity of the Landrace pigs intact in this kind of farming mode, which improved the survival rate of Landrace pigs production. In addition, pig breeding was optimized and re designed, which made the species more in line with the needs of their various stages of growth and development. The sows and piglets were high bed breeding area by optimizing design in order to make the structure more reasonable distribution and make more reasonable separation of breeding pigs. The optimization and re design can guarantee the Landrace pigs offspring survival rate and purity could be improved in the large-scale feeding. The number of Landrace pigs will be expanded to provide the first experimental data for large-scale pig breeding in the future.

Author(s): Guanghui Teng, Qiudong Yu
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