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Phytochemical profiling of Avena sativa for phytoantioxidants compounds with their multidirectional non-invasive investigation for anti-pigmenting and facial skin fatiguing effect with a stable emulgel formulation.

Objective: The current research work was initiated to develop stable Emulgel formulation loaded with natural phenolic compounds from Avena sativa that were extracted with various solvents. Method: The free radical scavenging and tyrosinase inhibition activities were performed in order to observe the effects of phenols and flavonoids in emulgel formulation on healthy human volunteers with non-invasive biophysical methods. Results: The results of the study revealed that ethanolic fraction of Avena sativa accommodate high amount of phenolic acids (147.1135 μg/mg dry powder extract) and flavonoids (161.6374 μg/mg dry powder extract) contents with extraordinary high mushroom tyrosinase (63.651 mg/ml)) inhibition and free radical scavenging (85.39 1mg/mL) potential. The developed formulation loaded with phenolic compounds potentially enhance stratum corneum hydration level, increase collagen synthesis, decrease melanin from melanocytes and oil secretions from sebaceous glands at 0.05 level of significance. Conclusion: The presence of useful phytoantioxidants in Avena sativa results in polishing of mechanical features of skin with reduced levels of roughness, scaliness, smoothness, and wrinkles of photo-aged skin. The investigator attributed that anti-aging activity is related to polyphenols present in extract; as the phenolics have the capability to quench reactive oxygen species.

Author(s): Asrar Muhammad, Naveed Akhtar, Abdul Hameed
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