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Physical activity, depression and quality of life in aging process

Background: In aging process was to show to change physical activity, depression and quality of life values of individuals aged 18-85.

Methods: Four hundred and fifty individuals aged 18-85 who lived in K?r?kkale were included in our study after being determined with the Simple Randomization Sample Method. Three hundred and forty one individuals who were suitable for our inclusion and exclusion criteria completed the study. The individuals were divided into 3 groups: 142 adults (18-45 aged), 137 middle-aged (45-64 aged) and 62 elderly (>65aged). Quality of life values were measured with Nothingham Health Profile (NHP), physical activity levels of the individuals were measured with 24 h Physical Activity Scale (PAS), depression status of individuals were determined with Beck Depression Scale (BDS).

Results: Our study showed that statistically meaningful significance was found when we compared the groups with quality of life and depression. Statistically meaningful significance was specified on PAS measurement in groups with PAS work and sum of PAS variables (p<0.005). There was no difference between PAS and the other variables in groups (p>0.005).

Conclusion: In summary, our results point that elderly individuals have a sedentary and depressive life style. In all groups, physical activity habits support physiological wellness state and health-related quality of life by strengthening physical functionality. Because of that, studies on strengthening and encouraging physical activity must be planned.

Author(s): Meral Sertel, Saniye Aydogan Arslan, Fatih Kurtoglu, Tezel Sahan Yildirim
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