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Photoplethysmography based instant remote monitoring of non-invasive blood pressure and oxygen saturation by using zigbee network

In this study, we measured blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation and monitored these vital signals remotely over a Zigbee network by using well-designed software having a Graphical User Interface. This paper proposes that measuring and transmitting these vital signals through a wireless network enables/ provides authorized staff to observe them remotely for instant intervention and doesn’t discomfort the patient since the method’s non-invasive photoplethysmography technique. Calculated blood pressure and oxygen saturation are displayed both on an LCD screen and a computer by means of a Zigbee module. The obtained results are compared to values from a pulse oximeter device to verify the accuracy of the designed device.

Author(s): Mehmet Merkepci, M. Sadettin Ozyazici, Nuran Dogru
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