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Pharmacy students' knowledge and attitudes towards diabetes: a cross-sectional study

Objective: This study aimed to evaluate knowledge and attitudes of pharmacy students about diabetes mellitus.

Methods: A cross sectional study using self-administered questionnaire was conducted from 25th February to 15th March 2018 among pharmacy students of King Saud University. A total of 120 students were randomly recruited using a multistage sampling method and were invited to participate in the study.

Results: A total of 43.1% (n=50) of the students had a good knowledge about diabetes mellitus. Majority 74.2% (n=86) agreed that personal efforts will help to manage or control diabetes mellitus. Almost all of them (97%) described diabetes as a high blood sugar, about 96% of the students identified frequent urination, followed by frequent hunger 56%, frequent thirst 69% as main symptoms of the disease. Most students (70%) believed that diabetes mellitus is a genetic disorder. Most common complications mentioned by students were eye disease (65%), foot problem (62%), kidney diseases (59%) and cardiovascular diseases (42%).

Conclusion: The finding of this study indicate that students had an adequate knowledge and attitudes about diabetes mellitus, however there is a need for further improvement in knowledge and attitudes about diabetes mellitus prevention strategies and complications.

Author(s): Syed Wajid, Mohammed N. Al-Arifi, Salmeen D Babelghaith, Atta Abbas Naqvi, Sultan S. Althagfan, Mansour Adam Mahmoud
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