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Pathologic analysis and prognosis observation of 81 cases of pure GGO after surgical resection

Objective: To observe the malignant proportion and prognosis of pure ground-glass opacity (pGGO).

Method: All cases of pGGO were surgical resected from January 2010 to May 2013 in The People's Liberation Army General Hospital. At the same time, comply with the requirements for the following three cases included in this study: (1) on the imaging performance for pGGO; (2) postoperative followup time more than 2 years; (3) to eliminate multiple pGGO and then analyse the postoperative pathologic results, prognosis and observation.

Results: Participants included 81 cases of pGGO, 62 cases were malignant tumors (76.5%), 11 patients of AAH (13.6%), 8 cases of benign disease (9.9%). 57 cases in the follow up study of preoperative pGGO were steady, and in this subgroup of pGGO pathology: 43 cases of malignant tumors (75.4%), including 39 cases of AIS, 3 case of MIA, 1 case of adenocarcinoma; 9 patients of AAH (15.8%), 5 cases of benign lesions (8.8%). In 14 cases of pGGO before surgery, lesions or the density increases during the observation period. In this subgroup nine cases showed cancer pathology with malignant rate of 92.9%. The median postoperative follow-up time was 34.7 months. 1 patient during follow-up emerged new lesions in a different lobe, still pGGO, and was still in follow-up observation with stable disease, and no surgery. All the remaining patients were found no local recurrence and distant metastasis, and no patient died.

Conclusions: The pGGO that follow up with no change should be relatively positive for surgery, and the pGGO that follow up with lesions especially the density increased in the observation process is necessary of surgical treatment.

Author(s): Ren Zhi-peng, Hou Xiao-bin, Zhang Lian-bin, Liu Yi, Wang Bin, Wen Jia-xin Chu Xiang-yang
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