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P2 receptor-mediated responses in pregnant human uterus

The responses of human pregnant and non-pregnant uterus to P2 receptor agonists was studied by the pharmacological or-gan bath method. On the preparations of isolated pregnant uterus P2 receptor agonists caused concentration-dependent con-tractions with rank order of α,β-methylene-??P > UTP > ??P = ?DP. The uterus contractions to α,β-methylene-??P was significantly reduced the P2 receptor antagonist pyridoxalphosphate-azophenyl-2',4'-disulphonic acid. On the preparations of non-pregnant uterus P2 receptor agonists had no effect. It is concluded from this study that there are P2 receptors in the human pregnant uterus, which mediate the contractile responses of the tissues to P2 agonists.

Author(s): Airat U. Ziganshin, Alexander P. Zaitzev, Julia T. Zefirova, Lilia E. Ziganshina
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