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Organizational climate enhance service quality through enhancing OCB in public hospital.

Purpose: For years, research has focused on organizational culture though the organizational climate (OC) is a multidimensional construct. Hospital is a unique organization having unique climate, special for public hospital. This research was a quantitative study, a cross-sectional approach. The sample selected from 150 the employee of public hospitals in Makassar. The data was analyzed by structural equation model (SEM) to test the model of relationship among OC, OCB and SQ. The hypotheses were: 1) There was a relationship of OC to OCB; 2) There was a relationship between OCB and Service quality (SQ); 3) There was a relationship between OC and SQ. Findings: The Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) test presented the loading factor of managerial tools<0,5 means invalid indicator. The goodness of fit indicators showed the RMSEA 0,061 (fit). The model was accepted to be continued with structural model analysis. However, all hypotheses was rejected, P values>0,005. The conclusion is OC did not have role in increasing OCB and SQ in public hospital, Makassar. The structural model have to be modified. Research limitations: The sample size was less than 200 and some indicators were invalid. Further research was supposed to apply other dimension of organizational climate and increase the sample size. Originality: The low OCB did not influence employee on providing service quality in public hospital in Indonesia since providing service quality is a mandatory from government.

Author(s): Indahwaty Sidin, Nur Arifah, Rifa'ah Mahmuda
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