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Online vaccines and immunizations service based on resource management techniques in cloud computing

Online Vaccines and Immunizations service use for all kind of peoples through application software (service), Short Messaging Service (SMS), and Email Notifications. This research work working based on Resource Management Techniques in Cloud computing. Cloud computing is sharing the cooperative resources and distributed services in a large-scale computing network, in secure, seamless and transparent manner throughout the world. Existing Cloud technologies not have efficient resource allocation, scheduling only use the user run-time estimations with a limited number of Quality of Service (QoS) and hence not yielding accurate resource matching. This proposed work develops a Cloud portal (online service) for Online Vaccines and Immunizations service. It provide optimal Resource Management Technique (RMT) to discover the best fault tolerant resource and to enable a balanced scheduling based on system generated predictions for efficient resource match making. In this service, all people’s health details are stored in the cloud with protected and authorized manner. Intelligent Broker based resource management techniques are proposed as an innovative idea in this research work. Here Broker (experts) gives an important and trustworthy suggestion for each job (health case) for requester (patients). Intelligent Broker based Resource Management Technique provides an enhanced Health service for peoples request from anywhere and anytime.

Author(s): Tamil Vizhi, Parvatha Varthini B
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