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Obesity prevalence among adults in east black sea region of Turkey

Aim: We aimed to evaluate the prevalence of obesity among the adults who visited to family medicine clinic.

Methods: The volunteer individuals aged 18 and over who admitted to family medicine outpatient clinic were included in the study. Demographic characteristics and height, weight and body mass index (BMI) of the participants were recorded.

Results: Of the participants, 26.4% (n=505) were male and 73.6% (n=1406) were female. Median age of the participants was 34.0 (18.0-84.0) years. Median BMI value of the participants was 28 (14.4-64.6) kg/m2. Of the participants 31.0% (n=593) were pre-obese and 38.5% (n=736) obese. Obesity prevalence was 30.7% in males and 41.3% in females (p<0.001). Of the obese patients, 21.1% had class III obesity.

Conclusion: The prevalence of obesity continues to increase and is higher in women. Class II and class III obesity prevalence is higher in women than in men.

Author(s): Turan Set, Elif Ates
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