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Nurses assisted linked color imaging chromoendoscopy improves colonic polyp detection rate

Objective: Linked Color Imaging (LCI) is a newly developed endoscopic imaging technique, which has been proved to be able to improve the diagnostic efficacy. Here, we aimed to investigate the effects of nurses assisted LCI chromoendoscopy on the detection of colonic polyp.

Methods: A total of 200 patients who underwent colonoscopy from August 2015 to October 2016 in our endoscopy center were enrolled and randomized into White Light (WL) group, WL intervention group, LCI group and LCI intervention group. Endoscopic nurses assisted the endoscopists in completing the procedures in WL intervention and LCI intervention group. The polyp detection rate was compared and the characteristics of the polyp were analysed.

Results: The polyp detection rate in LCI intervention group was significantly higher than those in LCI group and WL group (P<0.05). The left and right colonic polyp detection rate in intervention groups were both higher than those in non-intervention groups.

Conclusion: Nurses assisted LCI chromoendoscopy could greatly improve the colonic polyp detection rate.

Author(s): Yang Xu, Weiqing Shi, Xueting Zhang, Hanqin Zhang, Teng Yang, Aitong Li, Ranyun Zhou
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