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Novel fractional bipolar radiofrequency device for the treatment of aged Asian skin

Background and Objective: Selecting an ideal method for restoring youthful skin among Asian patients is complicated because of their intrinsic skin color. Bipolar fractional radiofrequency (FRF) gains increasing attention for acne scar treatment in Asian patients. Nevertheless, clinical experience on FRF treatment of aged Asian skin remains limited. Our study aims to assess the efficacy and safety of FRF and tolerance against in aged Asian skin.

Methods: Patients with wrinkles on different regions (forehead=8, lateral canthus=10, c=12, and neck=12) received three treatments (50-60 mJ/pin) with a bipolar FRF device Digital photographs, improvement and tolerance of the patients were taken at each visit.

Results: The wrinkling scale significantly decreased in each type of wrinkles after 2 and 3-months of follow-up (P<0.05). The satisfaction of the patients with regard to the treatment of their wrinkles was consistent with the findings of the investigator. Side effects, such as dryness, transient erythema, pain were detected. All these symptoms are tolerable.

Conclusions: FRF device is an effective and safe treatment for skin rejuvenation for aged Asian.

Author(s): Lifang Guo, Rong Zeng, Tong Lin, Yuqing Huang, Yuzhen Liu
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