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Biomedical Research

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Non-rigid registration of medical images using a hierarchical framework with normalized mutual information

Medical image registration plays a crucial role in medical field. Existing medical registration methods can be categorized as rigid registration and non-rigid registration methods. Compared with rigid registration, the non-rigid registration is more suitable for representing the anatomy’s complicated deformation. In this study, we develop a non-rigid registration method in which Normalized Mutual Information (NMI) is used as similarity measurement and B-splines are used for transformation. The algorithm is implemented using a hierarchical framework such that the accuracy of registration is improved by the coarse-to-fine registration schema. Experiments demonstrate that the proposed method produces more accurate results than the affine and demons methods in registration of pelvis CBCT images, which provides an alternative approach to support non-rigid registration of medical images with intensity variation. The proposed algorithm shows potential for facilitating image-guided radiation therapy with higher treatment dose delivered to a precise location through the use of image registration.

Author(s): Min Li, Limei Zhang, Nan Hu, Zhikang Xiang
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