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Non-invasive tear-film detection using fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm for biomedical application

Tear film recognizes as a significant problem in and around the world. The children at the age of 7 to the people around the age of 65 suffering from dry eye syndrome. The tear film must be detected at an early stage to protect the person from death.The tear film should be a monitor at the initial stage and diagnose by the unique technique, whether it may be the invasive or non-invasive method of dry detection. The invasive approach is the time-consuming process, and many disadvantages in this method arise in tear film detection. The non- invasive technique is not said to be a slow process. So the author proposed the novel approach of tear film detection by fuzzy c means clustering algorithm. The sample of eye images are taken and processed with fuzzy c means clustering algorithm and finds the intensity in both the eye. The accuracy analysis carried by fuzzy c indicates a clustering algorithm of 82% in its efficiency.

Author(s): Chandra I, Prabhakaran N
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