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Multiple drug resistance pattern in Urinary Tract Infection patients in Aligarh

The aim of this study was to explain the drug resistance pattern in E. coli isolated from community acquired Urinary tract infection (UTIs). A total of 168 urine samples were collected from the UTI patients followed by isolation and identification of E. coli strains. Antibiotic sensitivity and resistance analysis was performed by the disc diffusion method employing multiple antibiotic discs. The sensitivity was monitored by zone of inhibition around the disc. Clinical study revealed that this infection is more common in young pregnant women. Antibiotic susceptibility data revealed that majority of the isolates were resistant against 4 or more antibiotics. This study concludes that E. coli is one of the important causative agents of urinary tract infection in young women especially during the state of pregnancy.

Author(s): Asad U Khan and Mohd S Zaman
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