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Multi-agent based Maxmin Markov probability for QOS aware routing in WBAN

Wireless body area networks (WBANs) including implanted biosensors are mainly used for monitoring and diagnosing health related issues. However, providing Quality of Service (QoS) is a striking requirement for diverse critical applications in WBANs. In this paper, an agent based QoS-aware Routing framework called Multi-agent Markov Probable (MMPQoS) for WBAN is designed. A multiagent framework is proposed with the aim of ensuring desired critical QoS demands along with routing framework. The coordinator agent in MMPQoS framework coordinates the data packets and manages them through traffic monitoring agent. The traffic monitoring agent measures the transition probability and queue length for different state space using Markov Probable QoS-aware queuing model, ensuring end-to-end delay and reliability for critical data packets transmission. The routing agent then constructs the QoS-aware Route table constructor using MAXMIN policy, i.e., obtaining maximum trustworthiness for link with minimum queue length. The performance of MMPQoS has been evaluated through simulation which demonstrates that the framework achieves desired QoS demands while maintaining low end-to-end delay with reliable delivery of critical packets in the network compared to the state-ofthe- art QoS-aware approaches.

Author(s): Isabel RA, Baburaj E
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