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MRI brain image analysis for tumour diagnosis using hybrid MB-MLM pattern classification technique

Brain tumours are rooted by atypical and abandoned enlargement of brain cells, which are the subsequent source of death associated to cancer in less than 30 years age of people in recent years. Early stage diagnosing of these brain tumours will reduce the unconditional deaths of young people. For that the most suggested one of the finest expertises is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). In this work, proposed a brain MRI image based medical image analysis process, which consists of Modified Bat Algorithm with Modified Levenberg Marquardt (MB-MLM) classification with Active Contour Method (ACM) segmentation method to identify or classify tumor or non-tumor at earlier stage. For optimal results, this work also proposes the methods like advanced median filter pre-processing method for enhance the input image, parallelized clustering method for surface feature extraction and Intensity in Homogeneity (IIH) for high segmentation accuracy, hybrid wavelet and Sobel and Canny feature extraction method and Fast Independent Component Analysis (Fast ICA) feature selection method for dimensionality reduction, these proposed methods are increase the efficiency of the proposed MRI brain image based tumor diagnosis process. The performance of this proposed work is measured by standard parameters such as sensitivity, specificity and accuracy.

Author(s): Shenbagarajan A, Ramalingam V, Balasubramanian C, Palanivel S
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