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MPV and PDW as inflammatory indicators in chronic otitis media with effusion

Objectives: Chronic Otitis Media with Effusion (COME) is a clinical condition characterized by an effusion in the tympanic cavity. In this retrospective study, we aimed to compare the MPV and PDW value of patients with chronic otitis media with effusion (COMA) to those in healthy subjects as an inflammatory indicator.

Materials and Methods: Demographic features: age, race and gender and laboratory parameters; White Blood Cell count (WBC), Red Blood Cell count (RBC), Hemoglobin (Hb), Hematocrit (Hct), Platelets (PLT), MPV and PDW were recorded after obtaining from the computerized database.

Results: We included 149 patients who underwent ventilation tube insertion between with those of age and sex compatible 151 healthy subjects into the study. In our study no statistically significant differences were identified between paediatric patients diagnosed with COME and healthy controls in terms of WBC, RBC, Hb, Hct, and MPV levels (p>0.05). However, we found significant differences both the platelet count (p<0.05) and PDW levels (p<0.001) between the COME and control group.

Conclusion: This study is the first to evaluate the relationship between PDW and COME. With regards to clinical and laboratory findings, novel inflammatory markers derived from routine hemogram test may be used.

Author(s): Ahmet Hamdi Kepekci
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