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Morphology and the morphometric measurements of hypertensive and normotensive placenta

The placenta is a feto-maternal organ which has a fetal part develops from the chorionic sac which is lined by amnion and completely covered by chorion with an attachment of the umbilical cord and maternal part from the endometrium. The current study was aimed to analyse the morphology and the morphometric measurements of hypertensive and normotensive placenta. Placentas of 40 hypertensive and 46 healthy women who attended antenatal clinic of the hospital regularly and delivered their babies in the same hospital were collected. Weight, diameter, thickness, surface area, volume and circumference, shape, umbilical cord insertion and membrane attachment of the placenta was assessed using standard methods mentioned in the literature. There is no significant differences present among the morphometric parameters of placenta. The study recommends further detailed and multi centered studies in this area to understand the correlation to plan better management programs for the benefit of pregnant women. We recommend further detailed studies in this area for better understanding of the condition and to plan adequate management methods for the benefit of women in general.

Author(s): Akshara VR, Ramakrishnan PK, Chitra S, Kumar Sai Sailesh, Senthil Kumar S, Seema Valsalan E
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