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Morphological study of Hyrtl's anastomosis in gestational diabetes mellitus and its relation to umbilical cord insertion

Gestational diabetes mellitus having a great effect on the structure of the umbilical cord vessels can affect the hemodynamic in these vessels and bring variations in the anastomotic pattern of umbilical arteries and mode of umbilical cord insertion. Hyrtl’s anastomotic pattern and its correlation to cord insertion has so far not been studied in umbilical cords of GDM mothers. Hence, a study on Hyrtl’s anastomosis in GDM and normal pregnancy helps to understand the anatomy exhibited by the different groups and to add to the already existing quantum of knowledge. 59 GDM and 52 normal umbilical cords attached to placenta were procured from the operation theatre and labour room, department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of PK Das Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Palakkad. Our study reveals that the characteristics of Hyrtl’s anastomosis differ in the umbilical cords of GDM mother from that of normal mothers by adopting anastomosis by branching pattern and there do not exists a correlation between the Hyrtl’s anastomosis and cord insertion in both groups.

Author(s): Seema Valsalan E, Ramakrishnan PK, Chitra S, Senthil Kumar S, Sruthi MV, Akshara VR, Benjamin W
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