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In the present stage of knowledge and scientific development, the role played by a wide cluster of factors in accelerated ageing has been proved. Furthermore, it is possible to modify most of them. Aim: The aim of this study is the research and analysis of the major modifiable risk factors for premature ageing. Materials and methods: A direct individual anonymous survey of 340 elderly and old people (65 and over) has been conducted. Results and discussion: The analysis of the social status and health condition as a self-assessment of the respondents proves polymorbidity greatly provoked, most often by the social environment risk factors. The relative share of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is the highest. The elderly suffer from two, three and even more diseases and conditions. It is necessary to develop guidelines for the prevention of accelerated ageing on the basis of complete and accurate information on the risk factors. Conclusion: The analysis of the behavioural risk factors shows the presence of elements of objective health risks. A substantial part of the identified risk factors are subject to modification, and even to prevention provided prompt modern and efficient prophylactic actions are taken.

Author(s): Tanya Paskaleva, Biyanka Tornyova, Snezhana Dragusheva, Penka Petleshkova
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