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Modern models of endoprostheses and periprosthetic infection

The main goal of the paper is to study epidemiology of infection complications after hip arthroplasty with modern models of endoprosthesis, using the research of other scientists. The authors used theoretic methods, which included analysis and review of literary sources. The authors found that modern foreign endoprostheses have significant advantages in terms of quality, functioning, and design. It is found that endoprosthesis component instability was most widespread causes of inflammatory process developments, as well as postsurgical hematoma, inflammation, postoperative wound edges necrosis, and others.

Author(s): Shalginbay A. Baimagambetov, Amanzhol S. Balgazarov, Zhanatay K. Ramazanov, Alexander A. Markov, Andrey A. Ponomarev, Raushan Kh. Turgumbayeva, Malik N. Abdikarimov
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