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Modelling of dolphin clicks and its performance analysis compared with adaptive equalizer in ocean environment

In the past two decades, dolphins have been used for analyzing the parameters of ocean like salinity and depth. For reliable communication in ocean environment, advanced techniques like Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), Adaptive Equalizer and Turbo Codes are used, but these are still in lack of data security. Vocalizations done by dolphins are special one because of its unique frequency and more secure in terms of communication. Hence in this paper, dolphin clicks are modelled and data transmission is carried out in underwater channel. The observed result used in the under communication field was compared with adaptive equalizer technique and performs better. A sample MRI image is also passed through the channel and received back with minimal error rate.

Author(s): NR Krishnamoorthy, CD Suriyakala, M Subramaniom, R Ramadevi, D Marshiana, Sujatha Kumaran
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