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MIMO-WSN implementation in geriatric care unit through MASTS and successive convex approximation algorithm

Base on the current situation of the development of wireless medical, according to the multi-frequency and broadband MIMO road medical special wireless network system themselves security, stability and continuity of network transmission, wireless network impact on human health and the medical equipment is discussed. Aging is associated with a decrease in the physiologic reserve thus; many elderly persons are unable to compensate for the increased metabolic demands that accompany acute illness or injury. This inability to compensate leads to increased rates of postoperative complications and death. Aggressive, goal-directed management in the Geriatric intensive care unit is beneficial for the geriatric patient. In this paper MIMO WSN is used in patient monitoring scenario to collect the bio-physiological variables and to trigger emergency services. MASTS algorithm is implemented for channel selection and SCA algorithm is for energy maximization throughput. The performance measure like end to end delay, packet delivery ratio and throughput are analysed through simulation and graphs are shown.

Author(s): Duraichi N, Suganthi M
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