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MicroRNA-320 inhibits insulin resistance in patients with PCOS through regulating ERK1/2 signaling pathway

Objective: This study aimed to investigate the role of microRNA-320 in Insulin Resistance (IR) of patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and its regulatory mechanism.

Methods: Ovarian tissues in 20 patients with PCOS and IR (PCOS-IR group) and 20 normal persons (control group) were collected. The total RNA was extracted from each ovarian tissue. The differential microRNA-320 expression in patients of PCOS-IR group and control group were verified by RT-PCR. TargetScan and miRanda were used to predict the possible specific binding target sites with microRNA-320. The dual-luciferase reporter gene method was used to predict the specific binding target sites of 3’ UTR. The regulatory pathways of ovarian tissues in patients of PCOS-IR group and control group were predicted by the Western blot method.

Results: The microRNA-320 expression in the ovarian tissue in the PCOS–IR group was significantly lower than that of the control group. The IRS-1 specific binding target sites with microRNA-320 were screened by the bioinformatic software and dual-luciferase reporter gene method. Moreover, compared with the control group, the expression of ERK1/2 was significantly up-regulated in PCOS group.

Conclusion: MicroRNA-320 could inhibit IR in patients with PCOS through IRS-1 regulating ERK1/2 signaling pathway.

Author(s): Wen-Na Yuan, Li Tan
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