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Biomedical Research

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Meta-data based secret image sharing application for different sized biomedical images

Usually in image sharing schemes, shares are generated first for a given secret image and then embedded into cover images to produce stego images. These two steps are done sequentially. There exist some relationship in the first step, the size of the secret image and size of the shares which are derived from them. In the proposed method, these two steps are done concurrently. A cover image is chosen and according to its embedding capacity, share is generated and subsequently embedded into chosen cover to produce the stego image. This process is repeated till all the image portions are embedded. While generating share, meta-data (i.e.) header is created for each shares and appended to shares before being embedded. At the destination end, shares are extracted from each stego images and are reassembled into a single original secret image according to the meta-data present in each share. Methods available in the literature embeds uniform sized secret image into cover images of uniform sizes. Using proposed method different sized secret images have been embedded into cover images of varying sizes.

Author(s): Arunkumar S, Subramaniyaswamy V, Karthikeyan B, Saravanan P, Logesh R
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