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Mesh routers based routing for saving human life in vehicular adhoc network

Saving human life is the most important task than anything else. Day to day life faces loss of life due to accidents which can be avoided. Biologically inspired communication on road could save lots of life. A mesh sensor which is developed based on a combination of mesh router and wireless sensor can be used for communication between vehicles in a better way and could save human life. Vehicular Ad hoc Network (Vanet) enhances safety; comfort and entertainment services to human life.Vanet are a super class of Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) with some unique characteristics. To disseminate traffic warning message to various receivers a multihop broadcast protocol is required. While doing this broadcast message overhead reduction is an important issue since it could directly have an effect on the packet collision probability and MAC layer contention time at each node. Already for VANETs there are some broadcast protocols in existence. But, most of them are designed under the assumption of the presence of the global positioning system (GPS).This paper proposes a broadcast protocol which does not require position information. This protocol includes mesh routers in the network that reduces the broadcast storm problem and increases the dissemination ratio. The efficiency of the proposed protocol is proved over some of the existing protocols in terms of Packet dissemination ratio, End to end delay, Number of packets broadcast and Mac overhead per node.

Author(s): G Mary Valantina, S Jayashri
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