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Medication characteristics and regularities of TCM therapy for lung cancer based on data mining technology

Purpose: To analyze and conclude the medication characteristics and regularities of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) therapy for lung cancer based on data mining technology.

Method: The Chinese biomedical literature database was used as a channel for literature retrieval, the key words such as lung cancer were first input and then relevant literatures that could be incorporated into the standard were retrieved through the text data mining method. In addition, the main characteristics and relevant regularities of TCM therapy for treating lung cancer were observed and analyzed in aspects of traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, Chinese patent medicine and combination drug therapy.

Result: 6,421 relevant literatures were obtained through data mining in total. According to the analysis of all the literatures relevant to lung cancer, the main objective of TCM therapy is to tonify qi & yin and strengthen the body resistance with Astragalus mongholicus and ginseng as the most common traditional Chinese medicinal materials. Meanwhile, salviae miltiorrhizae and coix seeds were widely applied in the treatment to remove pathogenic factors and promote blood circulation. Moreover, the poisonous TCM was also added to resolve toxin and dissipate binds during the therapy. Among many Chinese patent medicines, compound Kushen injection, Aidi injection, Pingxiao capsule and Shenmai injection were generally used through the compatibility prescriptions to significantly improve the curative effects, reduce toxicity and support body resistance. Good curative effects were achieved and the incidence rate of adverse reactions were reduced by combining Western medicine with Chinese patent medicine in the treatment of lung cancer, wherein cis-platinum and Aidi injection were the most effective methods.

Conclusion: The principle of “supporting the health energy and eliminating pathogenic factors” is adopted when TCM is used for lung cancer therapy. The kind of therapy could improve the curative effects and help the patients get relatively ideal living quality. The application of text data mining technology could help to grasp the relevant characteristics and regularities of TCM therapy for treating lung cancer, thus providing guidance and reference for the scientific, reasonable and normalized clinical medication.

Author(s): Weihe Zhou, Xianping Huang, Yuefeng Zhang, Hui Tian
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