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Biomedical Research

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Medical data transmission through PLCC with QFT-PUF encoder for data authentication

The egression of new technologies has led to the development of new security concerns. The current technology is inadequate to handle new security challenges in fields of networking, banking and health care. Security concerns arise in both wired and wireless communication medium. The wireless communication covers small area, lacks in security and data loss. In wired communication, the layout of wires and amplifiers increases the infrastructure cost. To overcome the above problem, we propose Power line carrier communication with (Physically Unclonable Function) PUF to secure the data. The proposed model Power line carrier communication with PUF is termed as PPUF. To improve data security in wired communication without new infrastructure for establishing the communication network in the hospital, we apply Quantum Fourier PUF to access individual modules and enable data encryption over the transmission line of Power Line Communication. The Quantum Fourier PUF performs better than existing PUF models in terms of lower order of magnitude delays, energy consumption, and resilience to various attacks.

Author(s): Sharmila Durai, Rangarajan Parthasarathy
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