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Mechanism of structural changes of vaginal flora in influencing the development and progression of cervical cancer through long non-coding RNA-HOST2 and RNA-HOXB3

Objective: This research was aimed to explore the expression characteristic of long non-coding RNAHOST2 and RNA-HOXB3 in cervical cancer cells and their clinical values in the occurrence and development of cervical cancer, thus providing reliable basis for targeted therapy of cervical cancer.

Methods: Cancer cell lines were cultured in RPMI 1640 medium with 10% fetal bovine serum, content of HOST2 and HOXB3 were detected with the method of real-time PCR. The expression of RNAHOST2 and RNA-HOXB3 was detected with western blotting before and after the RNAi. Finally, the possible mechanism of RNA-HOST2 and RNA-HOXB3 in playing a role in generation, apoptosis, invasion and migration of cervical cancer cell was investigated through scratch test.

Results: Real-time PCR detects the overexpression of HOST2 and the low expression of HOXB3. Moreover, cervical cancer development process slows down significantly after the expression of those two genes was inhibited.

Conclusion: HOST2 and HOXB3, involved in the migration, invasion and proliferation of cervical cancer cells, can serve as the targeted therapy of cervical cancer.

Author(s): Zhang Bo, Wang Li, Li Huan, Zheng Fuli, Zhang Ying
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