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Measuring patient?s skin dose during total skin electron therapy using MOSFET

It is vital to measure the dose to the patient's skin during the treatment of total skin electron therapy (TSET). Purpose of the present study is to determine the benefits of using One-Dose MOSFET detectors in the treatment of mycosis fungiodes with TSET protocol. During the study six patients with advanced stage of (MF) were treated by (TSET) using a six dual-field Stanford technique. One-Dose MOSFET detectors (Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor) were used to obtain the real-time skin dose during the treatment and then com-pared it with the prescribed dose. The One-Dose MOSFET detectors results showed a rea-sonable agreement with prescribed doses especially in the flat areas of the body. One-Dose MOSFET detectors are prober detector to be used for TSET. They have the advantages of an immediate readout after irradiation, small size, and permanent storage of dose, wireless set-up and factory calibration.

Author(s): H. I. Al-Mohammed
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