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Matrix metalloproteinase functioning in case of esophagus acid burn

Despite the important role of Metalloproteinase (MMP) in β-cellular matrix remodeling there is clearly not enough data concerning the MMP proteolytic activity during first three weeks (early scar changes) of postoperative gastric ulcers. Thus the main aim of our work was the MMP, TIMP-1 and bFGF overall activity determination as well as their role in post-burn wound healing in case of the 2nd degree esophagus acid burn infliction. The greatest increase in the metalloproteinase activity and bFGF level was observed at 21st d of our experiment. In addition, the greatest increase in the TIMP-1 level in the esophageal mucosal was observed at 7th d after burn. These changes may be an evidence of chronic inflammatory processes and scar changes in rat esophagus after the EAB infliction.

Author(s): Koval TV, Ishchuk TV, Grebinyk DM, Raetska Ya B, Sokur OV, Savchuk OM, Ostapchenko LI
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