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L-shaped tibial condylar valgus osteotomy for advanced medial knee osteoarthritis: A case report

Case: A 63 year-old woman with bilateral severe medial knee osteoarthritis, huge cartilaginous defects, and severe varus-valgus instability was treated by tibial condylar valgus (TCV) osteotomy. Her preoperative point of the weight-bearing (mechanical) axis was right -19% and left -20%. After surgery, the mechanical axis was right 60% and left 61% with a high degree of patient satisfaction.

Conclusion: The TCV osteotomy technique consists of an L-shape osteotomy from the medial aspect of the proximal tibia to the intercondylar eminence. Corrected limb alignment and improved joint congruity can distribute the weight bearing force, stabilize the joint, and relieve pain of advanced medial knee osteoarthritis.

Author(s): Hironobu Koseki, Akihiko Yonekura, Hidehiko Horiuchi, Chieko Noguchi, Takashi Higuchi, Makoto Osaki
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