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Lower urinary tract symptoms of junior female clinical nurses

Objective: To investigate lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in junior female clinical nurses.

Methods: Two hundred and twelve nurses with less than 5 years of clinical work experience at Nanjing General Hospital were selected by multi-department sampling methods, and given questionnaires. The relationships between LUTS in the junior female clinical nurses, and factors such as parturition, menstruation and water in-take were analyzed with single factor linear analysis.

Results: Lowery urinary symptoms (LUTS) were correlated with marital status (B=0.08, p=0.0214), menstruation (B=-0.08, p=0.0121), and parturition history (B=0.05, p=0.0895).

Conclusion: These results indicate that LUTS in junior female clinical nurses are related to volume of water-intake, marital status, menstruation, and parturition history.

Author(s): Zhen Wei-wei, Zhu Gui-hua, Li Er-ding, Heng Jin-li
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