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Jaya-FLANN based adaptive filter for mixed noise suppression from ultrasound images

The noise which degrades the quality of Ultra Sound (US) images may not be of a unique type. Instead, it could be speckle noise inherent in US, impulse noise produced by switching circuits or Gaussian noise getting super-imposed during transmission. When noises of multiple origins and characteristics are present in the image, denoising becomes a difficult task because most of the existing filters are suitable for particular kind of noise. This paper presents a novel adaptive Jaya based functional link artificial neural network (Jaya-FLANN) filter for suppressing different noise present in ultrasound (US) images. Jaya is the optimization algorithm employed to assist in updating weights of FLANN. The target function for Jaya is the minimum error between noisy and contextual pixels of reference images. Compared to Wiener, Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP), Cat Swarm Optimization based FLANN (CSOFLANN) and Particle Swarm Optimization based FLANN (PSO-FLANN), Jaya-FLANN filter is observed to be superior in terms of Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR), computational time.

Author(s): Manish Kumar, Sudhansu Kumar Mishra
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