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Is "normal tension glaucoma" glaucoma? Differences between hypertensive and normotensive glaucoma.

An up-to-date review of the actual new developments in pathogenesis, functional and structural changes in Normotensive Glaucoma (NTG) and the differences between normotensive and Hypertensive Glaucoma (HTG) are presented. The authors point out new facts that distinguish the two diagnostic groups. Antiglaucomatous treatment with prostaglandins and beta blockers is essential to reduce Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP) in HTG. When treating NTG, it is important to preserve blood supply to the posterior pole of the eye, but especially to the anterior optic nerve. Prostaglandins are not appropriate in NTG patients, although their effect on reducing IOP is high. The most suitable are beta blockers (betaxolol and carteol) and brimonidine. It remains an open question whether NTG belongs to the group of open-angle glaucomas. The authors do not share this opinion.

Author(s): Lestak Jan, Chylova Hana, Kral Jakub
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