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Investigation the effect of weightlifting training on apelin level and hematologic parameters of professional handball players

Objectives: Apelin is a member of myokines which has recently been characterized. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a weightlifting training (WT) program on some biochemical (glucose, insulin and apelin) and haematological parameters in professional male handball players. It was hypothesized that significant increase would be found in apelin levels of subjects.

Material and Methods: Ten professional handball players (Trained Handball Player Group, THG) completed 6-week WT. Ten sedentary subjects (Trained Sedentary Group, TSG) also completed WT to compare with THG and investigate the effect of being a handball player. Ten subjects have been considered as control group (Control Group, CG).

Results: The apelin levels of THG and TSG have been increased significantly (p<0.05) but the increase in THG (55%) is more than TSG (38%). CG subjects did not exhibit any significant changes during the 6- week period (p>0.05).

Conclusion: It has been concluded that the WT has an important role on apelin level, especially in professional handball players.

Author(s): Aykut Dundar, Fatih Murathan, Zait Burak Aktug, Tayfun Servi
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