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Investigating the end of patients suffering from diabetic foot hospitalized in Be’sat hospital of IRIAF from 2009 to 2014

Foot problems are considered to be a major cause of death and paralysis among those patients suffering from diabetes. Considering the costs and side effects, it is necessary to study the dangerous factors and the prognosis of the patients. The present research seeks to study the prognosis of those patients with diabetic foot hospitalized in Be’sat Hospital of IRIAF from 2009 to 2014. This descriptive-analytical study was conducted on patients with diabetic foot resorting to Be’sat Hospital of IRIAF from 2009 to 2014. As many as 291 diabetic patients were selected for research in accordance with the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The raw data was then analyzed using IBM SPSS Statistics version 22, 66.7% of the participants in this reseach were male and 33.3% were female. The average age of the patients was reported to be 60.8 ± 11.25 years old. Amputation was conducted on 12.4% of the patients. 7.2% of amputation cases were major and the remaining 5.2% were minor. As much as 97.6% of the patients recovered in this research. Our research pointed to a significant correlation between the age of the patients and amputation (P-Value<0.05). We failed to find any significant correlation between gender, HbA1C and type of treatment (each one separately) with amputation (P>0.05). Taken together, we may conclude that the frequency of amputation among those patients with higher average ages is more, and higher levels of HbA1c are observed among them. Most cases of amputations were within the major class which had a significant influence on the life quality of patients.

Author(s): Mohammad Darvishi, Mohammad Reza Nazer, Mohammad Reza Alipour
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