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Interleukins IL10, IL12, IL10/12 ratio and IL23 serum levels in different paediatric malignancies

Background: Elevated IL-10 and IL-10/IL-12 ratios and decreased IL-12 are related to poor-risk histology, poor therapy response, relapse and death from cancer. Tumor cell line shows anti-metastatic effect when they transduced with IL23. We aimed in our study to detect the pre-treatment serum level of IL10, IL12, their ratio and IL23 in paediatric haematological malignancies as well as solid tumors and compare it to their levels in healthy children to determine if they could be potential immune therapeutic targets.

Materials and Methods: Pre-treatment serum levels of IL10, IL12, IL10/IL12 and IL23 were detected in sera of 27 cancer diseased children and 20 healthy control peers using ELISA technique.

Results: Median IL-10, IL10/IL12 and IL-12 levels were significantly higher in cancer diseased children than in healthy controls, while median IL23 level was significantly decreased.

Conclusions: Pre-treatment serum levels of IL-10, IL-12, IL-10/IL-12 ratio and IL23 in children with cancers may be of value as additional prognostic tools to predict the response to therapy. Our analysis potentiates the theory of the anti-tumor effect of IL23 and the possibilities of its use as a candidate novel drug in children malignancies.

Author(s): Abeer Abd Elmoneim, Mawaddah Hasan Sabr, Afra Salman Alsuhaymi, Waheed Alkurdestani, Zakaria Alhawsawy, Mohammed Zolaly
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