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Influential factors on the quality of life and dental health of university students in a specific area

Health is an important factor that determines a person’s quality of life, which is a major issue in the health and medical field. It is also used in different health-related quality-of-life parameters. This study was conducted by obtaining 130 Google-based self-administrative questionnaires from students in 3 departments of Kangwon National University. The correlation analysis regarding the level of interest on dental health and dental disease symptoms showed a significant correlation between the symptoms (e.g., infection, halitosis, and food stuck between the teeth) and level of interest. The subjects are more aware of the symptoms in advance due to an increased level of interest on their dental health. Tooth brushing instruction (TBI) education also had a significant correlation with the level of interest, as broader knowledge resulted in a higher awareness of dental health. It is necessary to integrate systematic dental health management during the university student’s term. In addition, dental health education is critical to the improvement of their dental health. Therefore, this study aims to improve the awareness on correct dental health concepts and the importance of introducing dental health education programs to university curriculums in order to improve their quality of life.

Author(s): Seoul-Hee Nam, Hye-Young Kim, Dong-Il Chun
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