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Influencing factors for lower extremity varicose veins in female nurses in East China

Objective: This research was aimed to find the influencing factors and preventive methods of lower extremity varicose veins in female nurse’s population working in 3A grade hospitals in east china.

Methods: A questionnaire survey was carried out in 1198 nurses randomly selected from three 3A grade hospitals through multiple stages sampling in east china. Descriptive statistically analysis was performed to describe the current situation of lower extremity varicose veins in nurses. Univariate and multivariate logistic analysis were used to explore the main risk factors of lower extremity varicose veins in female nurses.

Results: Logistic regression analysis showed that age (OR=1.317, 95%CI: 1.196-1.450), standing time (OR=1.712, 95%CI: -2.423 1.209) and family medical history (OR=2.706, 95%CI: 1.444-5.073) were main risk factors. Elastic stockings (OR= 0.052, 95%CI: 0.025-0.107), legs-raising (OR=0.201, 95%CI: 0.095-0.425) and physical exercise (OR=0.141, 95%CI: 0.072-0.274) were main protective factors. What’s more, age (r=0.47, P < 0.01) and working years (r=0.51, P<0.01) were linearly related to lower extremity varicose veins in nurses population respectively.

Conclusion: Age, standing time and family medical history are risk factors of varicose veins among female nurses in east china hospitals. Protective factors include stretch socks, legs-raising, physical exercise, no cross-legged sitting, legs massage, eating few high-fat foods, wearing flat shoes and knowing the risk factors of varicose veins.

Author(s): Li Erding, Cao Shuyan, Zheng Weiwei, Yin Ying
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